When fitness is a pain in the ass

Fitness is one of those elusive concepts that means something different to everyone. To you it might be the ability to run a marathon or bench press your own weight.

To me, it means feeling strong and having fewer aches and pains.

The last post I wrote of this nature was entitled ‘Two steps forward, one step back‘, and surprise surprise, this one could have the same title!

I’d say that I’m running to stand still except the very idea of me running is a) unwise and b) ridiculous.

I wrote in the summer about starting a new regime of pilates, swimming and yoga. And I did, sort of. I dived into the pilates with great enthusiasm and found, surprisingly, that I really enjoy it. The classes are fun and informal and I’ve made some new friends through it.

I managed to attend two classes a week for, I think, two weeks. After that the school year resumed meaning my husband went back to work, and my own schedule picked up with event MCing and TV appearances on the RTE Today show.

I also found that in the classes I was pushing it a little too hard for my fitness level and I needed some more supervision from my physio than I had acknowledged – my underlying condition (hip dysplasia) is so pronounced that even the most basic exercise can cause a flare-up, and sadly this did.


My back was far stronger than previously. Apart from the hip, I felt brilliant.

Sometimes when you are dealing with long term pain it can be hard not to let it have an effect on everything you do – and stopping you doing so many things because you are afraid of the pain – but maybe it’s time that I faced facts. I will have this pain no matter what I do, and better to have strong muscles elsewhere and have to take some painkillers, than not move in case of hurting myself and eventually end up weak and physically very unfit.

So I’ve made a decision. I’m going to suck it up, and get strong.

After a week off over midterm, I’m back in the saddle and ready to go again. Over the weekend I got to pilates on Saturday, yoga on Sunday and I’m back to once or twice weekly swims. Being able to use the jacuzzi and sauna at the Metropole is a huge help for sore joints and muscles.

My MCing schedule is quiet for the rest of the month (unless you have something going on, in which case, you can email me here) so I plan to take advantage of the quieter diary and move at every opportunity.

To celebrate this latest resolution to sort myself out, Elite Pilates have given me two €50 vouchers to give away.

How to enter? Please share this post on Facebook and leave a comment about your own fitness level – I’ll pick the two funniest on Friday 17th November.


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