Two matches in one day? Sure, a woman's work is never done

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Earlier today PJ and I spoke to one of three Cork dual players who may have to play two matches in one day on Saturday.

Both matches are major championship fixtures. Both teams are incredibly successful, with numerous All-Ireland medals, including for 2014.

It’s happened to Cork players before, and it’s been resolved, because the notion of players competing in Championship football and hurling matches on the same day would not even be entertained. ***

But of course, it’s a different story when it’s football and camogie.

Briege Corkery, Rena Buckley and Meabh Cahalane all intend to play both games – the first at Pairc Uí Rinn, the second later in the day, in Mallow – because none of them wants to let either team down. It’s a pity their sporting associations don’t have the same respect for the teams that these players do.

Listen back to our interview with Briege Corkery here.

Yes, they are two different associations, unlike the men’s games, which are both governed by the GAA. But unless one or both of those associations is without access to a phone, a calendar, or somebody with half a brain, surely they realise how ludicrous this is?

Women in sport – voluntary sport, at that, played for enjoyment and pride of place – already get the short straw. They don’t get half the perks – the sponsorship deals, the team holidays, the training facilities – that the men do.

That’s just, unfortunately, the way it is, although that is changing, albeit slowly. But for their own associations to dump on them like this? It beggars belief.

***EDIT*** Peter Horgan tells me over on Facebook that it did, in fact, happen to Cork player  Diarmuid O’Sullivan. I stand corrected. But that’s 13 years ago – why is it still happening in the women’s game?

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