Top therapy for cancer patients at Fota

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of a visit to the Fota Island Resort Spa with my sister-in-law, my Mam, who is currently undergoing chemo and my mother-in-law, who’s just finished radium.

I’d been to the gorgeous spa at Fota before but had been unaware (until I was frantically searching for Christmas presents for them both and the very kind Laura Kennedy of the Irish Times filled me in on spa options for cancer patients) that they offer a range of specially designed spa treatments for people undergoing cancer treatment.

Unfortunately my Mam, who’s mid-chemo, was unable to have her treatment on the day because she was too unwell. The team at Fota couldn’t have been nicer about the cancellation (it had been a little difficult for them to schedule two such specialised treatments on the same day but they were incredibly nice and understanding about it), and when she showed up by surprise later in the day for our afternoon tea, they were really welcoming and made it very special for all of us.

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My mother-in-law, who’s just finished a very long bout of post-surgical radium treatment that was very tough on her, had the touch therapy for radiation patients. She was like a new woman after an hour and a half of hot stone massage, Indian head massage, and a relaxing cleansing routine, and she absolutely loved every minute of it. I have never seen her look so relaxed.

Chemo and radium are hard enough, but most of us don’t realise that you can’t do so many of the nice, relaxing things the rest of us take for granted, either because you’re physically unable, or in case of interactions with medication. My mother-in-law can’t have baths, for example, because of the burns on her skin from the radium. Most days my Mam doesn’t have the energy for a walk out in the fresh air, and while you’re having either chemo or radium, food is more of an unpredictable enemy than a comfort, between nausea, digestive issues and burns.

The treatments at Fota are not cheap, but having seen the blissed-out look on her face afterwards, they are worth every penny.  I’d recommend it highly as great gift for yourself or someone you love during this tough time.

The mothers having a blast on the red carpet after our spa day and afternoon tea!

The mothers having a blast on the red carpet after our spa day and afternoon tea! 

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