What a load of rubbish

Waste is big news at the moment. With the introduction of pay-by-weight, minds have been concentrated on keeping rubbish to a minimum in a way that environmental concerns have not to date achieved. (There was a documentary on RTE last night about this too - I didn't get to watch it but it revealed some shocking [...]

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Plastic, plastic, everywhere

I've recently done something that I never thought I'd get to do. I've moved to live beside the sea, overlooking beautiful Cork harbour. https://www.instagram.com/p/BV3y0GKhVX3/?taken-by=deshocks Cork harbour is - depending on who you believe - the largest or second largest natural harbour in the world. It's home to thousands of people, incredible bird life, seals and [...]

Waste not

Coat of arms of Cork (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I had this editorial written for last week's paper, when the Vita Cortex news broke and bumped it! There is a lot to come yet on this story, I think... It can only be the outstanding success of worldwide capitalism in recent years that is provoking [...]

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