Trysexuals to Love Island in 20 years

It’s been twenty years since viewers around the world gasped at the audacity of four New York women who weren’t afraid to talk about sex, vibrators and orgasms. They said aloud all the things that magazines like Cosmopolitan had been writing for years. And it made them a worldwide hit, for a market starved of television [...]

Not under my roof…

We'd an interesting discussion on the show today about parental control and teenage sex. Listen back to the full discussion here. Rebecca contacted us with this rather disturbing account of what's happening in her home: Hey im wondering could you post this comment on your page please but keep me anonymous. This is a weird question [...]

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'My ex's porn addiction ruined me'

On today's show I interviewed Lynn, who contacted us after seeing a post on our Facebook page referring to porn addiction. The joking comments on the post upset her, because she has lived with a porn addict. Lynn's email is reproduced below, and you can listen back to the interview here. Hi there, I just happened [...]

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Hello 21st century

Hello, 21st century. This is Ireland. You might remember us from the Celtic Tiger – we were introduced briefly then, and had a little flirtation. After that we disappeared into a misty ether made up of traditional activities like emigration, recession, corruption, and embarrassing debt problems. I’m happy to report that we’re back! Not [...]

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