A flaming disgrace

https://www.facebook.com/Corks96fm/photos/a.195266260505634.46296.194278177271109/1596060030426243/?type=3&theater The sight of one of Cork's most iconic buildings ablaze on Tuesday evening had half the city out watching in silence on the Lee Fields. Seeing historic buildings on fire in the city is unfortunately nothing new. Last year we had hours of outraged calls when Vernon Mount was set on fire (most likely [...]

Does Munster matter?

It's a serious question. What happened to the Atlantic Corridor, bringing transport links and growth to the three cities of the West? Well, we got the Limerick to Galway motorway, and that's wonderful. But it's not quite a corridor when on both ends of that lovely piece of tarmac there are roads that are potholed, single [...]

Hurrah for the humble charity shop

I wrote this piece for Monday's Herald, after a piece in last week's Sunday Times by Brenda Power got up my nose. Thoughts welcome!Hurrah for the humble charity shop, which has gradually climbed the ranks of respectability and can now be “permitted” in the holy of holies, Grafton Street.Now, Barnardo’s can sit cosily in the retail [...]

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