Laser eye surgery – the saga continues!

English: Camerman filming the wildlife on a coral reef (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In April I marked the first anniversary since my laser eye surgery at Optilase. I didn't blog about it at the time, because I was in the middle of appointments there to see whether I needed a refresher surgery. And I do. [...]

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Eye spy: A laser eye surgery diary – Recovery

ONE week of antibiotic drops four times a day; anti-inflammatory drops three times a day; lubricant drops whenever I needed them; odd-looking Darth Vader goggles in bed; and better than 20:20 vision. You read that right. Better than 20:20 vision. On my 24-hour checkup I'd been told my sight was completely improved, and it [...]

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Eye Spy: A laser eye surgery diary 4. The operation

After a week of sleepless nights, it was time. I presented myself at Optilase at 4pm last Thursday, quaking. Within a few minutes I was waiting alongside another very nervous patient, having my eye area prepped (cotton wool and alcohol, while seated on a couch), and getting my surgical garb on. This consisted of some blue [...]

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