Summer in the city, and the hairy nipples are everywhere

This is my friend Karen, at Paolo Nutini in Marlay Park last week. And a man, with no shirt on. Summer in the city... The smell of melting tar, the drip of drooping ice-cream cones, the squeaking tyres, the slap-slap of flip-flops, the riotous colour of summer dresses... And the clammy damp hairy flesh [...]

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Are women suckers for a helpless man? I'm currently presenting a phone-in radio show on Cork's 96m while my colleague, PJ Coogan, suns himself in Santa Ponsa. The difference in callers to a female presenter has been interesting, with my favourite one so far being Diarmuid... who called to ask me how to cook a chicken. Diarmuid said he wouldn't have [...]

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The secret to man flu is milking it – but what's wrong with that?

Man flu, it turns out, is real. Again. (Apologies, ladies, for the choruses of “I told you so”, to which you are now being subjected). A study at the University of Durham has found that due to their testosterone levels, men’s brains react differently to fever. High testosterone means men’s brains have more temperature receptors, meaning [...]

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