Six years of RTE Today

I'm delighted to be back working with the RTE Today show for the sixth season. The show is a real credit to RTE Cork and provides enormous opportunities for new stories and faces. When I started working with the show, my previous TV experience was limited to newspaper reviews on current affairs shows like Tonight with [...]

How not to pitch

Let me preface this by saying I'm not one of those journalists who hates PR people. PR people often make my job much easier than it would otherwise be, and the good ones are extremely creative, helpful, hardworking and organised. But, in the past couple of weeks I've received so many emails of this nature that [...]

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It glitzing it up the only way to highlight violence?

When I saw the first bit of coverage last week of the star-studded End Sexual Violence in Conflict conference last week in London, I groaned inwardly. Here we go. More UN ‘ambassadors’ who cost money and look pityingly at landmine victims while the organisation and its member countries avoid doing anything that might prevent them becoming [...]

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Hey… Babykins

At the News of the World phone hacking trial in London’s Old Bailey yesterday, Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC, read out some of the hacked voicemails. The ones that sparked the interest of the masses yesterday sound pretty dull. "Hi baby, it's me". Right then, I suppose. But when “me” is the future king of England, and [...]

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A guide to dumbing down for silly season

This piece was published in the Herald a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully we're coming out of silly season now...    Each year around this time, offices empty out, the TV schedules are replete with repeats, and the West of Ireland fills with Dubliners on retreat from the real world. If you’re reading this, you’re one [...]

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Friday 5 October This is me on last Friday's Breakfast show with Chris & Ivan along with Pat Fitzpatrick of the Sunday Independent. The Neil Prendeville affair, whether women like chocolate more than sex, the merits of Cork and the student protests...  

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Landmark moments

This is my editorial from Thursday 26 August. Apologies for delay updating!We all have those moments in our lives that stand apart as landmarks. They might be a way of remembering a loved one or idyllic period, or they might be the marker of a turning point or an 'annus horribilis'. While they are moments that [...]

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