Six years of RTE Today

I'm delighted to be back working with the RTE Today show for the sixth season. The show is a real credit to RTE Cork and provides enormous opportunities for new stories and faces. When I started working with the show, my previous TV experience was limited to newspaper reviews on current affairs shows like Tonight with [...]

A special place in hell…

It was Madeleine Albright who said that there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other, but she forgot to mention the gigantic reservation in the underworld specially set aside for women who constantly criticise each other. Not a week goes by without a woman in the public eye being pilloried [...]

Repeat offenders, kids and computer games, drunk shopping and more…

I was on the Today Show this afternoon with Newstalk's Jonathan Healy (who my mother reckons is "a nice fella". He is indeed, just don't ask for a bit of his mince pie). We had a good chat about prison for repeat offenders, whether kids should be allowed gaming consoles in their bedrooms, and drunken online [...]

Child benefit cuts, Minister Frances Fitzgerald, and why I love Revenge

Had a great time on RTÉ Today, yesterday, (I know that's confusing, keep up!) with Vicki Maye, Declan Jordan, Pat Fitzpatrick, Liam Croke, Daithí Ó Sé, Maura Derrane and Lucy Hyland. Minister Frances Fitzgerald came on to discuss her ideas for child  benefit; my main concern is that the cuts won't be matched by investment in [...]

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