Books, books and more books

I got lots of reading in during maternity leave, thanks to a lot of night feeds and discovering how useful a backlit iPad is as a Kindle! And I'm looking forward to meeting some authors (and you, I hope!) at exciting events over the next few months. Next month I'm at the West Cork Literary Festival [...]

Upcoming events: Mary Robinson at the West Cork Literary Festival

I'm very excited to share the news that I will be interviewing Mary Robinson at the West Cork Literary Festival in July. The former President has written a book, Climate Justice, on the fight for climate justice by grassroots women around the world. It ties in very well with her podcast with Cobh comedian Maeve Higgins, [...]

Victory at last

Last night saw the end of a 139 day battle by 32 ordinary people for what common decency said was rightfully theirs. These 32 defiant workers have spent Christmas, Easter and hundreds of hours in the cold bare factory that had been their workday home for a combined total of 847 years. During the course of [...]

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What are the odds?

With only 6 women out of 67 candidates running throughout Cork, the odds are certainly not stacking up at 50-50. As Áine Kerr wrote in yesterday’s Irish Times, Mná na hÉireann are losing ground. But that’s all set to change, if a new group set up in Cork before Christmas has its way. The [...]