Rape figures are up – but could that be good news?

The latest crime figures from the CSO have shown a marked rise in recorded rapes and sexual assaults. In 2015, 536 rapes were reported throughout the State. That’s an increase of just over 12pc on 2014. The number of sexual assaults went up by 15pc in the same period, with a shocking 2,361 offences reported throughout [...]

Porn addiction… real or a media phenomenon?

I have always wondered whether 'porn addiction' was a real thing. Lots of people watch porn. Men, certainly, are quite open about watching it. Women not so much, often because it's not particularly catered to women, although that is changing. But, given the size of the industry, it's fair to say it's pretty standard behaviour. But [...]

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Enough is enough, we need mandatory rape sentences now

Imagine a life sentence of disturbed sleep. Imagine being sentenced to never trusting another person. A life of solitary confinement with your trauma. That's the sentence Magnus Meyer Hustveit condemned Niamh Nic Dhomhnaill to when he raped her repeatedly in the bed they shared, while she was asleep. Hustveit will not have to worry about being [...]

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