Forget the Budget, here comes trouble

Take a deep breath. No doubt you too have been by turns furious, upset and depressed by the numbers hitting you in the face from Tuesday’s Budget. With all that’s happened, there have been a few reassurances we’ve been able to fall back on. Even in the darkest days we were comfortable in the [...]

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I'm not leaving

My latest piece on why I don't intend to leave Ireland, is over at The Antiroom. It's getting a lot of reaction, and I've just done an interview with Associated Press which will hopefully be featured in some of the international press next week - hopefully it will show people that there are still [...]

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Our divided ranks

“We should round them all up.” No, not a cowboy. Or Hitler. A Cork taxi driver whose cab I had the misfortune of taking on Monday. I rarely take taxis. When I do, I always chat to the driver; I find they can often be very well informed, as they spend more time listening [...]

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And now for something completely different

This is today's Cork Independent editorial. I could write about pension cuts, budget cuts, or a host of other cuts we don’t even have names for yet. I could write about ‘taking the pain’, getting ‘a haircut’ or learning to ‘manage our expectations’. I could suggest politicians take pay cuts, but I’d be rehashing [...]

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Rotten to the core

This is my editorial from 28 October. What must WT Cosgrave think now of his errant grandson? Allegedly backhanding a few bob to pollute the state his grandfather helped create, and shamed, almost twenty years later, with the ignominy of a corruption charge. What must deValera think of his grandson the minister? Éamon Ó [...]

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Bail and bail outs

This was written yesterday, before we had all the figures. For a proper analysis of those see, where they have people who know about maths! The concept of bail is an odd one. It’s a bit like a hostage situation really, except the Government is the kidnapper and it’s the family who pays up. If, [...]

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