Society is about more than money

Unmarried mothers, and children with no mothers. Children whose mothers weren't deemed suitable and women who weren't deemed suitable to be mothers. Girls whose fathers weren't working, or girls whose children were their father's. Little girls whose crime was to give cheek to a nun or be from the wrong family. Latter day prisoners [...]

It's not about us

The Queen's visit to Ireland has been a subject of puzzlement for many of us. What's the big deal? Why so much security? Who cares? To many of us in the Republic, particularly people under 40, the Troubles are - mostly - an unpleasant memory that never affected us directly. To many young people [...]

Ireland’s friendliest city?

Edit: please leave a comment below if you'd like to volunteer! I’ve always considered Cork to be Ireland’s friendliest city, and given the week that’s in it, it’s good to be mindful of the impression we give to visitors. Initiatives like the Lonely Planet iPhone app, the postering campaign, and twinning with various cities [...]

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Two steps forward, one step back

  Two weeks ago today, I attended an event at the Imperial Hotel organised by the 50:50 Group, which wants to see an improvement in Ireland’s rate of female representation. On Sunday I watched the count at Cork City Hall as Deirdre Clune lost her seat in Cork South Central, bringing the representation there [...]

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Election liveblog

I'm really looking forward to the election count tomorrow and Sunday. I've covered counts before, but as a purely print reporter. This will be the first one I am tweeting and live blogging and I'm looking forward to the utter confusion of it all! You can follow my tweets on @deshocks (I'll be mainly [...]

Circus masks real issues

I love a good election campaign as much as the next journalist, but we are in danger of letting characters, spin and incomprehensible economic waffle cloud the real issues of this election. All the talk of the IMF leaves a lot of people cold, but the real repercussions of austerity are being felt and [...]

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The whole episode was rather a strange one, and politicos, particularly in Cork, have been mesmerised all week. Finally, a bit of interest in a desperately gloomy and miserable Dáil term. We had the Fine Gael heave last year, but Fine Gael has always been subject to this kind of malarky. Fianna Fáil leaders [...]

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Hello 21st century

Hello, 21st century. This is Ireland. You might remember us from the Celtic Tiger – we were introduced briefly then, and had a little flirtation. After that we disappeared into a misty ether made up of traditional activities like emigration, recession, corruption, and embarrassing debt problems. I’m happy to report that we’re back! Not [...]

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Be kind

‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’. This quote from the Greek philosopher Plato, is an apt one for the times we live in. Hurt, angry, upset, betrayed people who are worried and frustrated lash out, and lashing out at other people in the same predicament can only ever make [...]

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