Upcoming events

I love the opportunity to meet people at live events and I am lucky that I am asked to do a really wide range of events in different areas - corporate, environmental, social, political and, well, fun! Over the next couple of months I have some really exciting events coming up and I hope to meet [...]

Women of the Rising, coming to a town near you

  So far, most of the 1916 commemoration stuff has left me cold. I attended a very interesting lecture on the Proclamation of Independence in UCC, by the venerable Professor John A. Murphy, with contributions from Diarmuid Ferriter and John Borgonovo, but the national fandango about it really doesn't appeal much. Perhaps I'm just wary of [...]

IWD2014… business, politics and society highlighting women's issues

  International Women's Day has turned into a sort of feminist Christmas, with events here, there and everywhere of variable quality and interest but all with the aim of highlighting the myriad roles of and issues facing women. The few events I attended - business, social, and political - provided a really great snapshot of a [...]

International Women's Day

This is the speech I gave last night at a great event run by Cork Feminista to celebrate the 100th International Women's Day Introduction Good evening everyone, and happy 100th International Women’s Day! When I was sitting down to write this speech, I began to think about the recent election; the role of women in Irish [...]

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