Breast is best but we need more support

Photo: Virginia Thomas It’s National Breastfeeding Week, one of those annual public health campaigns that bypasses you completely unless it impacts you directly. I was all about breastfeeding, when I was pregnant. I did the prep course in my local hospital (in which the nurse told us dads might be able to light the [...]

Girls can't be what they can't see

The Irish women’s rugby team - the multiple Six Nations winning side that also managed to take home a Grand Slam in 2013 - is competing this week in the Women’s Rugby World Cup. Forget booking flights and expensive trips Down Under, this one is taking place right under our noses, at a time and in [...]

The case of Charlie Gard: A tragic battle with no winners

The case of little Charlie Gard divided opinions right around the world, as the struggle between science and hope went all the way to Britain’s highest courts and to some of the world’s most powerful figures. Donald Trump intervened. So did the Pope. But in the end the only hope for this terribly ill little boy [...]

Two steps forward… you can guess the rest

It's been one week since I returned to work and said goodbye (for a few hours a day at least!) to the world of nappies, puréed pear and hour-long, often unsuccessful, attempts to leave the house. I enjoyed my maternity leave - it was busy, with a big move in the middle of it that I [...]

Allergic? Ditch the detergents and the antihistamines might follow…

If the fairytale character you’ve always identified with most is Sneezy, I can relate. Since childhood I’ve been one of those ‘allergic’ people, always bunged up with something, and usually inexplicably People who suffer from this kind of sensitivity generally do so in more than one way;  sneezing, eczema, asthma and various other issues [...]

Dual diagnosis: When the system fails

I took a call this morning from a woman on the brink. Her sister is 29. She has a history of anorexia, borderline personality disorder, and, crucially... addiction issues. Her sister called us because they have exhausted every single option available to them, and because, after the Caoilte O Broin case, they know the likely outcome [...]

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Oil have some of that…

Alright, alright, forgive the atrocious pun. Years of writing headlines leave you permanently afflicted. I mentioned last week that I've very kindly been sent some Yogandha Body Oils to try. I'm a big fan of yoga as mentioned previously here, and while I'm not a products nut, I do like to smell nice! Lately it's been [...]

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Meat might be murder, but a week without it made me homicidal

The fry I was waiting for all week Tick, tock, tick tock. That’s the meat clock talking. Only 5 days to go. It’s National Vegetarian Week. I learned that on Monday when into my inbox at Cork’s 96fm popped a press release from Dee’s Wholefoods, a Cork company that makes vegan ready meals, burgers [...]

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The secret to man flu is milking it – but what's wrong with that?

Man flu, it turns out, is real. Again. (Apologies, ladies, for the choruses of “I told you so”, to which you are now being subjected). A study at the University of Durham has found that due to their testosterone levels, men’s brains react differently to fever. High testosterone means men’s brains have more temperature receptors, meaning [...]

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Extra long-life is for batteries, not people

A new study making waves in the world of health science has found that switching to a strict vegetarian diet, practicing yoga, and exercising regularly can help regenerate telomeres, a cell component that shortens as part of the ageing process, as reported in the London Independent. The 25 men in the study were also given stress [...]

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