Boys need help with body image too

I grew up looking at images of ‘heroin chic’ supermodels, for whom nothing tasted better than how thin felt. 1990s beauty standards were defined by Kate Moss’s protruding ribs, while teen girls’ magazines warned of an epidemic of anorexia and bulimia. The term body-shaming hadn’t been coined yet, but the rise of magazines outlining [...]

Cork GAA and the Confederate flag

h/t This is an interesting one. Cork GAA fans are up in arms about being asked not to bring the Confederate flag to matches due to its recent association with a racist attack on a church in the US. We had Cork-based singer-songwriter Karen Underwood on the show to talk about it last [...]

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Two matches in one day? Sure, a woman's work is never done

Earlier today PJ and I spoke to one of three Cork dual players who may have to play two matches in one day on Saturday. Both matches are major championship fixtures. Both teams are incredibly successful, with numerous All-Ireland medals, including for 2014. It's happened to Cork players before, and it's been resolved, because the notion of players [...]

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Gerry Adams' apology for McCabe murder was ill-timed and insulting

It was a grey June day in 1996 and I was at the Munster semi-final in Limerick’s Gaelic Grounds, watching Limerick beat Clare in a match I can still remember vividly. Vividly, because growing up in Limerick with one parent from Clare, there were only so many matches we went to with opposing flags hanging out [...]

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