Girls can't be what they can't see

The Irish women’s rugby team - the multiple Six Nations winning side that also managed to take home a Grand Slam in 2013 - is competing this week in the Women’s Rugby World Cup. Forget booking flights and expensive trips Down Under, this one is taking place right under our noses, at a time and in [...]

Cork GAA and the Confederate flag

h/t This is an interesting one. Cork GAA fans are up in arms about being asked not to bring the Confederate flag to matches due to its recent association with a racist attack on a church in the US. We had Cork-based singer-songwriter Karen Underwood on the show to talk about it last [...]

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Two matches in one day? Sure, a woman's work is never done

Earlier today PJ and I spoke to one of three Cork dual players who may have to play two matches in one day on Saturday. Both matches are major championship fixtures. Both teams are incredibly successful, with numerous All-Ireland medals, including for 2014. It's happened to Cork players before, and it's been resolved, because the notion of players [...]

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