Who made your clothes?

We all like to own nice things, and for many of us clothes come top of the list. They say a lot about who we are, how we see ourselves, and, of course, they dictate how others see us. But what does our choice of clothing mean to the people who make it? Does paying €20 [...]

Workplace fashion disasters

  We’ve all been there. The skirt that split halfway through the working day. The blouse you only realised was see-through when colleagues fidgeted when addressing you. The boots you finally twigged weren’t a pair when a client kept their eyes to the floor for the entire way meeting. Even in workplaces without a formal dress [...]

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Extra long-life is for batteries, not people

A new study making waves in the world of health science has found that switching to a strict vegetarian diet, practicing yoga, and exercising regularly can help regenerate telomeres, a cell component that shortens as part of the ageing process, as reported in the London Independent. The 25 men in the study were also given stress [...]

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Hurrah for the humble charity shop

I wrote this piece for Monday's Herald, after a piece in last week's Sunday Times by Brenda Power got up my nose. Thoughts welcome!Hurrah for the humble charity shop, which has gradually climbed the ranks of respectability and can now be “permitted” in the holy of holies, Grafton Street.Now, Barnardo’s can sit cosily in the retail [...]

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