Two’s company

They say two’s company, and when I was in the throes of SPD with my second pregnancy, that thought went around and around in my head. While some people love being pregnant, I wasn’t one of them, but I knew it would be worth it. As an only child, I consoled myself with the knowledge that [...]

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Armistice Day: a personal reflection

A hundred years is a blip in the history of humanity, but for most people, the end of World War One feels like a remote historical event. The decade of centenaries in some ways makes it feel like ancient history - a pity, because we make the mistake of thinking history does not repeat, and progress [...]

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Not under my roof…

We'd an interesting discussion on the show today about parental control and teenage sex. Listen back to the full discussion here. Rebecca contacted us with this rather disturbing account of what's happening in her home: Hey im wondering could you post this comment on your page please but keep me anonymous. This is a weird question [...]

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Lunch al desko: Greek meatballs with homemade flatbreads

Nothing about this one sounds easy but it's surprisingly simple. Since going dairy free I've been craving cheese. This mince was originally bought for something Italian - spaghetti and meatballs or lasagne - but none of those things work without a good sprinkling of parmesan or some sharp cheddar. So, I decided to go Greek. Yes, [...]

Disappeared without trace… the Hyde family remembers National Missing Persons day

Today is National Missing Persons Day. Only once in my life have I taken part in a missing persons search and I will never, ever, forget it. An in-law of my husband, the lady in question was in severe mental distress, and as we scoured the rocky coastline of West Clare, we knew what had happened, [...]

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What's a wedding without the next generation?

What's a wedding without the Next Generation?! **This Star Trek joke is an anniversary present to my husband.* Everyone who’s ever been married has spent days, even weeks, staring miserably at a list of people they’re related to, went to school with, or have some meaningless (to them) but crucial (to their parents) importance [...]

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If your friends are in low places… Get down to their level

Only friends in low places would skip your wedding for a concert Garth Brooks’ decision to begin his comeback tour in Dublin has caused an unprecedented level of hype among country music lovin’ adults of all ages, but has also thrown a spanner in the works for those planning events this summer. And when I say [...]

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I have a new hero

My colleague told me this afternoon that on Friday she stopped her car on the Glen junction of the North Ring Road after seeing an old lady falling on the (very narrow, precarious) footpath there and hitting her head.Watching out the window as she approached, she knew there was something up with the lady. She was [...]

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There are some stories we love to cover and last week's front page is a perfect example. The media is constantly accused of spreading bad news, stirring up outrage and making mountains out of molehills, but the story of Baby Megan Hope Byrne, whose family was told she had no chance at life, is one of [...]

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