Employers abandoned duty of care during Storm Ophelia

The storm has passed. Sadly, three families have lost loved ones, but those of us who have survived unscathed can breathe a sigh of relief that we did. While relieved, though, many people are furious at the recklessness shown by employers towards the lives - the lives, not the wellbeing - of their staff. On Sunday [...]

Breast is best but we need more support

Photo: Virginia Thomas It’s National Breastfeeding Week, one of those annual public health campaigns that bypasses you completely unless it impacts you directly. I was all about breastfeeding, when I was pregnant. I did the prep course in my local hospital (in which the nurse told us dads might be able to light the [...]

The secret to happiness? Outliving your enemies. And plenty of cake

How to be happy? Live to the ripe old age of 82 How happy are you? The exact amount of happiness in your life might be difficult to quantify, but it seems the age at which you have most of it can be pinpointed easily enough; it’s 82. The good news is, the best is yet [...]

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Enough is enough, we need mandatory rape sentences now

Imagine a life sentence of disturbed sleep. Imagine being sentenced to never trusting another person. A life of solitary confinement with your trauma. That's the sentence Magnus Meyer Hustveit condemned Niamh Nic Dhomhnaill to when he raped her repeatedly in the bed they shared, while she was asleep. Hustveit will not have to worry about being [...]

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The internet is for [property] porn

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiFD6EFVsTg] There’s a song in the puppet musical Avenue Q, which recently toured Ireland, called ‘The internet is for porn’. They should’ve adapted it for Ireland, because it seems our national obsession - no, not drink - has returned with a vengeance, in the vanguard of ‘The Recovery’™. The internet is for property porn. It’s back. [...]

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Anyone, any time, any circumstances: Depression doesn't discriminate

The most shocking thing about the tragic death of fashion designer and former model L'Wren Scott at the weekend seems, for most people, to be that she 'had it all'. Regularly photographed on the red carpet at glitzy events; an international jet-setter with a fabulous lifestyle and a celebrity boyfriend; and working in probably the most [...]

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Extra long-life is for batteries, not people

A new study making waves in the world of health science has found that switching to a strict vegetarian diet, practicing yoga, and exercising regularly can help regenerate telomeres, a cell component that shortens as part of the ageing process, as reported in the London Independent. The 25 men in the study were also given stress [...]

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