TV & Tweeting

Gail as she appeared in 1978. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I had a chat with Dave Fanning and Declan Cashin on Saturday about watching TV while Tweeting; my friends came up with various words for this including Tveeting, Twatching, and a range of other rude words that I couldn't possibly write here. Whatever you want [...]

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New Years' Resolutions

Happy new year (Photo credit: Amodiovalerio Verde) I spoke to Dave Fanning last Saturday about New Years' Resolutions, after writing this for last week's edition. There’s one new year’s resolution we all should have. Give up smoking? Give up drink? Give up chocolate? Give up watching the soaps? No. Every single year I find [...]

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I moustache you a question

Last week I tweeted that I hate Movember. I do. All those beautiful men (and some not so beautiful men, obviously) disfiguring their faces and then showing daily evidence of the mutilation on Facebook! Lads, I'll pay ye not to! Or to grow a proper beard that takes dedication and perseverance! Anyway, after that tweet ended [...]

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Fun, fearless feminism?

Helen Gurley Brown's Single Girl's Cookbook (Photo credit: tiny banquet committee) I had an interesting time researching this piece on legendary Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown for The Tubridy Show (presented by Dave Fanning) earlier today. As a feminist myself I find HGB pretty fascinating. She seemed to be determined, outrageous, fun and fearless... [...]

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