Go Saoirse!

Have you seen Brooklyn? Saoirse Ronan's just been nominated for an Oscar for it, and if you haven't seen it, you should go NOW. It's also been nominated for Best Picture.. You'll need tissues, because this girl's face is so expressive that you'll be bawling before she even says a word. I really hope she wins [...]

Culture, chips and a lot more in Limerick

Limerick's year as City of Culture got off to a rocky start, but the organisers have overcome this to achieve universal acclaim with an innovative new show, while the range of good food the city has to offer might just surprise you. Deirdre O'Shaughnessy visited the Treaty City to check out what's in store for the [...]

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A home from home, in the sun

 I wrote these two pieces last July, after travelling to Kusadasi with Sunway Holidays. They never made it to the blog, for some reason - but in this weather they're a nice reminder the sun exists! "It’s a bit like being on the slab below at Kay O’Connell’s, but it’s lovely, like.” Kusadasi has been a [...]

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