Easy choices

The wailing and gnashing of teeth that has followed reports on child sex abuse, the Magdalene laundries and the industrial schools over the past decade in Ireland has been justified, but too late. It is very easy to react emotionally and with horror when it is too late. When the women who were enslaved are elderly, [...]

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Plan to fail

The Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn has announced an audit of schools to find out how many sports halls, labs and other facilities exist in various areas. In short, to find out what schools own. The news comes shortly after the disastrous introduction of the new household charge, a precursor to a full-blown property [...]

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In memory of John McCarthy

It was fantastic to see mental health and suicide being discussed on RTÉ Frontline last night. It can be unusual to see constructive discussion on current affairs programming, but I think that's what the Frontline team achieved with the mix of guests - Minister Kathleen Lynch is a strong voice for mental health and within the [...]

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Election liveblog

I'm really looking forward to the election count tomorrow and Sunday. I've covered counts before, but as a purely print reporter. This will be the first one I am tweeting and live blogging and I'm looking forward to the utter confusion of it all! You can follow my tweets on @deshocks (I'll be mainly [...]