Could we be heroes?

I went to see Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer at the Everyman last night. It is a piece like no other I have seen; at once powerful, uplifting, cosy, tragic, and utterly, utterly human. Aidan Dooley's self-penned one man play is a real masterpiece,  and the performance is phenomenal. I think there must be [...]

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The trouble with travel

This is a poem written by my very talented friend and fellow 'do-gooder' (her words!), Sarah Clancy, in response to my blogging on Haiti.The trouble with travel  Alice never quite adjusted to just shiny glass reflections after,worse her mirror malfunctionedshowing someone she wasn'tanymorefood she'd liked before was tastless she found her own culture somehow lackingmost concerning [...]

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Port au Prince

Life and death in ravaged Port au PrinceLife goes on. People endure. The most shocking aspect of refugee camps in Port au Prince is that one simple fact. For the survivors of the earthquake, the most difficult thing is continuing. Death is all around them – they have lost family, friends, communities, homes, everything. But life [...]

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It’s the dirt that hits you first. Poverty is dirty. Poverty means rusted tin cans, broken glass, polystyrene takeaway trays and plastic bottles. They are everywhere. Ripped, dusty shreds of black plastic salute the onlooker, whipping in the wind from gnarled bushes. Rocks litter the landscape, and dust flies up before the wheels of the four-by-four. [...]

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Haven in Haiti

*edit*: Just so you are aware, I will be paying all my own costs and expenses. Any funds raised will go directly to Haven for building materials, none will pay for me to travel or be housed. This is my editorial from today's Cork Independent. I've decided to go to Haiti in April to write about [...]

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