Six years of RTE Today

I’m delighted to be back working with the RTE Today show for the sixth season.

The show is a real credit to RTE Cork and provides enormous opportunities for new stories and faces.

When I started working with the show, my previous TV experience was limited to newspaper reviews on current affairs shows like Tonight with Vincent Browne, The Week in Politics and once, a religious panel show where I held the role of token angry young feminist. (As an aside, I’d quite like to go back, after both of the referendums we’ve had in recent years, and do that panel discussion again!)

In six years of chats on the couch, I’ve learned so much about TV, about media, and about what makes people tick, and it’s been very useful to apply in my own daily work on the Opinion Line.

RTE Cork is a massively important resource in the region. It’s huge for people working in the media here, but it’s also vitally important that shows like this, with such a huge reach and influence, are made outside the Dublin bubble. However well meaning, simple factors like time and geography mean that the perspective is always going to be different if a show is made in Dublin.

The team has crafted a hugely successful show against all the odds and I wish them many more years of success.


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