Pregnant Pauses: Get those feet up

Pregnant Pauses is a new, short, series on the blog. I’ve been trying to take the advice of people who call the first pregnancy ‘the princess pregnancy’, and get in as much pampering as possible! So if you’re pregnant, have a friend or wife or colleague who is, and would like to treat them – here are my recommendations!


I’m not generally a huge fan of pedicures. They’re sort of a necessary evil if you want nice toenails and no scaly skin, but I don’t usually find them particularly to be a pampering experience.

Until now, that is.

Voya has just launched at Escape at the Imperial Hotel Cork, and boy, do they know how to do a pedicure. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Voya is one of the best brands to come out of Ireland in recent years and the Sligo-based, seaweed-centred range is now stocked in high end spas worldwide, so it’s about time it arrived in Cork!

The pedicure costs €65 and you get great bang for your buck in terms of pampering. Ushered into a treatment room by your therapist, first your feet and lower legs will be washed and exfoliated. Removal of existing polish, hard skin and cuticles follows, then the real pampering begins. Your feet and lower legs will be massaged, then wrapped in cooling mermaid’s purse seaweed, which releases its natural oils to work their magic on your skin. While the seaweed is doing its job, a delicious Indian head massage will send you to cloud nine – depending on where in your pregnancy you are, it’s almost inevitable you will fall asleep during this treatment, but how bad? That’s the relaxation box ticked.

Once the pampering proper is finished, your toenails will be polished (Shellac available) and unlike in most salons, you’ll be left, snoozing, until they’re dry.

I topped off one of the most relaxing afternoons I’ve had in a while with a dry floatation experience – something that’s absolutely wonderful if you’re feeling strained in the lower back or experiencing pelvic pressure. It takes all the weight off for a little while at least.

Oh, and there’s a perk! You get to bring home your seaweed, and it will last for two more baths.

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