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Alright, alright, forgive the atrocious pun. Years of writing headlines leave you permanently afflicted.

I mentioned last week that I’ve very kindly been sent some Yogandha Body Oils to try.

I’m a big fan of yoga as mentioned previously here, and while I’m not a products nut, I do like to smell nice! Lately it’s been a priority of mine to try and use natural products where possible – I’m sensitive to a lot of chemicals used in both cosmetics and domestic products so I am working my way through natural brands at the moment to find what suits. (Update to come on how this is going!)

And boy do these suit. At the moment there are three full size body oils in the range, along with three roll-on scents. These are perfect to pop in the handbag for a little refresher during the day, and they’re not harsh on the skin like alcohol-based perfumes that can leave you stinging or coughing if sprayed liberally.

There are three roller-ball oils, Balance, Salute and Ground.

At the moment, the Salute grapefruit and bergamot scented roll-on oil is really hitting the spot. It’s refreshing and lively, but the bergamot gives it enough depth that I don’t smell like a juice bar! I’m on air this week and the show is such a buzz that afterwards there can be a real energy slump, but this scent gives a great lift in the morning and throughout the day.

The Ground scent – sandalwood and frankincense – is a little woody for me, but it’s very sophisticated, and is intended for use when you’re stressed or worried.

Balance has jasmine and cypress and is deliciously feminine and also provides a lovely soothing scent.

Yogandha body oils

Yogandha body oils on my bathroom shelf, where they now have pride of place!

The body oils are another story entirely. They’re a really luxurious experience, and now that I’ve had a couple of weeks of busy nights out I’ve had an opportunity to really see if they do what they say on the tin!

I’m one of those people whose minds begin to race when I get into bed, so often I tend to do a few yoga poses right before going to bed. Applying some of the Yogandha Relax oil before I do this is a great way to remind me that this session (however short, usually only five minutes or so) is a wind-down. The lavender and vetiver is so relaxing, it instantly gets me into sleep mode.

The muscle soothing oil hasn’t had so much work to do recently – I have an injury so am not practising yoga as much as I usually do. However, the mix of ginger and marjoram is delicious, it tingles beautifully and does get to stiff muscles, I’ve used it once or twice after class and it’s excellent for that.

With Emmet Kennedy at our Big Night Out in the Pav last weekend. Props to MakeupbyMartha and to Leonard's Hair Salon in Douglas for the hair and makeup which lasted me until this photo was taken at approximately 3am!!!

With Emmet Kennedy at our Big Night Out in the Pav last weekend. Props to MakeupbyMartha and to Leonard’s Hair Salon in Douglas for the hair and makeup which lasted me until this photo was taken at approximately 3am!!!

As for the detox oil, in recent weeks that one has been busiest I’m sorry to say. After our 96fm Big Night Out last week I needed both this and the muscle soothe to sort me out – standing for a few hours plus a fair few G&Ts meant both were needed! The lemongrass is perfect for waking up the senses and although going from gin to juniper berry oil is somewhat ironic, there’s method in the madness! I felt great after it.

What I noticed about using these was that I was more inclined to do a short yoga practice at home than before – I’m usually very easily distracted by what’s going on around me and there are too many things to do at home to get myself into the zone. Applying one was like a ritual, I almost felt I was in the studio with its fragrance of incense (and rubber mats)!

These are a new range, produced in Ireland, and I’d recommend them highly as perfumes or moisturisers for people who aren’t keen on complex products with a lot of ingredients in them (particularly perfumes which have a lot of alcohol, usually). The rollerballs are priced at €19.95, which is cheap for a perfume, and the body oils are €29.95, not cheap, but organic and delicious. You can purchase at yogandha.com.

*Thanks to Sinead and Lynn for sending me the range. I don’t solicit products or charge for reviews.

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