Mapping the gender gap

The World Gender Gap Report 2014 has been released today. Here’s a very nifty map of the report showing where the biggest disparities exist and also mapping progress over time using the slider.  Rwanda (my area of interest in this regard) comes one step ahead of Ireland due to its enormous success in involving women in politics.

Ireland comes eighth, which appears excellent but I’d sound one note of caution. International surveys don’t account for the difference between heads of state (no power) and heads of government (power). We’ve had two female heads of state in situ for a number of years, which always skews our figures higher than we deserve in terms of women in politics. In reality we are very far down the scale when it comes to women’s political involvement and power- we come 96th in the world, between Chile and South Korea…

Nonetheless, the Global Gender Gap has narrowed. Still good news.