Law and order in Lagan Grove

Over the past few months, we’ve had a number of calls from locals in the Lagan Grove area of Mayfield about problems in the estate, which is owned and run by Cork City Council.

So far, two houses have been vacated due to ongoing anti-social behaviour by a small group – some say this group is made up of residents, others say they are coming from outside the estate.

The first incident involved a Polish couple having to leave their home. The wife, who speaks very little English, was said to be extremely traumatised after the incident. Their daughter, Roxane, spoke to PJ on the show the following day about their fears and trauma after the incident. I’m told they have been rehoused.

The second involved a young mother who was beaten up after an argument with a man who has been identified by a couple of our callers as the ringleader. She has left her house too.

The third, just last week, was the breaking of most of the windows of a couple who have been very vocal in highlighting the issues. Catherine and Terri came in to studio this morning to talk to PJ about what happened to their home while they were away in Spain.


Listen back to their interview:

Cork City Council have told us the matter is currently in the hands of the Gardai,

“The City Council is due to meet the Superintendent in Mayfield Garda Station next week to discuss the recent issues that have arisen in the Lagan Grove area.  It should be noted that the City Council is investigating the issues raised and will take action where tenants are proven to be carrying out anti social behaviour.   It is the City Council’s understanding that some of the matters raised are being pursued by An Garda Síochána. ”

The Gardai have not responded to our queries.

Here are some comments we got from local residents:

Some of us here in Lagan grove have suffered enough and don’t want repercussion for talking out. And that’s what happens here if you do. A lot of people here are disgusted what happened to Catherine and Terry saying that though Catherine has been rubbing a lot people up the wrong way…if your going to go on tv,radio r newspapers tell the whole story..not just play the victim when you love sticking yourself in the middle of everything.there is outspoken and too far as the residents asscociation is concerned there has been a meeting for weeks as at the last meeting a number of people had to walk out as they couldn’t get a word in edgeways cos Catherine kept overspeaking people.. And kept going back on her trauma of what happened with the polish family..Other people in lagan grove gave been traumatized by things going on in the park..The tension in this park is unreal and only escalates even more when people draw even more attention to the park. Almost everyone up here has had their windows broken this has been going on for years..its normally the back windows r doors.

I live in Lagan Grove myself. Catherine and Terri couldn’t be more accurate. I can’t and won’t leave my children out to play. Used syringes have been found in the park at one stage. Windows are constantly being broken and it’s a very rare night that we all get a good nights sleep with the noise from those fighting and drinking up and down the park. Well done girls for yet again highlighting what it is we are being put through here.

Just listening to the show there I think the Guards have a lot to answer for because they don’t want to do their jobs, they are afraid they and their families will be targeted. The guards stand back when the criminals are tougher than them. The brutality that goes on out there, they are a force of their own. We should have a new Garda force brought in. I’m living in the area and I don’t really want to get involved but I think the guards have a lot to answer for, they know who is involved and they should be arrested for all they are involved with. Catherine and Terri are a credit for getting involved and they have brought trouble on their own backs. The guys causing this problem should be wiped out but all it would take is to arrest them.  

My question on this is – whose responsibility is it? How do you fix a breakdown in social cohesion like this? And is there a way of stamping it out for good?


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