Laser eye surgery – the saga continues!

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English: Camerman filming the wildlife on a co...

English: Camerman filming the wildlife on a coral reef (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In April I marked the first anniversary since my laser eye surgery at Optilase.

I didn’t blog about it at the time, because I was in the middle of appointments there to see whether I needed a refresher surgery. And I do.

For about six months after my surgery last year (after the initial week or two of blurring), my vision was absolutely crystal clear. Flawless.

And you kind of get used to that! During a holiday to Australia I was able to snorkel around coral reefs with turtles, and the experience of that – and being able to see it completely clearly – is one that just would not have been the same if I still had contacts.

So when the three-monthly checkups started showing a decline that I was already feeling, I was concerned.

Marie at Optilase in Cork has been fantastic – I’ve had very regular appointments and tests, and they’ve shown a decline – down to about -1.5 in both eyes.

I started at a position of about -7 and -4, so that’s not a serious decline. But it does mean that watching TV after a day at work was starting to be a strain. I have a job that is very very heavy on my eyes, and when I’m not at work I’m reading, tweeting or watching TV. So my eyes do a lot of work.

I am scheduled to have my top up treatment in August, and it’s all part of Optilase’s aftercare package. I have to say, it’s excellent treatment. While I’m not looking forward to the procedure (knowing now what it entails!) it’s really no worse than the dentist. I just don’t like people with machinery near my head!


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