I don't normally do this, but… 2015… what's the plan?

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I don’t normally do very personal blog posts here, but quite a bit of my op/ed stuff over the past year related to personal experiences, so I feel I should bring it all together a bit here. 

It’s late January, and I am only now getting into ‘January mode’, the mode of healthy eating and exercise, of New Year’s Resolutions and thinking ahead. From October until the end of the first week in January I was working late into the night, most nights after work, on a Masters thesis that began life back in 2012 when, in a flash of youthful naivety and a fit of googling, I realised Rwanda had the most women in politics in the world, that that was interesting, and that I’d love to know a bit more about why. Well, 44,000 words later, I do know ‘a bit’ more about why. And now I know why academics are always so reluctant to call themselves experts. Because you never know everything about anything, even after more than two years.

Because I was so immersed in that project in the final months of 2014, I am only now starting to take stock of 2014 and think about what’s changed and how that impacts on what’s ahead.

I started 2014 by writing, in my diary, ‘2014: The year of magical thinking’, and it was. It was some year. After an incredible yoga retreat in India, the opportunity to move into broadcasting presented itself. A few months of frantically trying to figure out what the buttons do, how the phones work, and how not to hang up on the particularly irritating people, and wedding planning for the other 8 hours a day I was awake, and we got married. It was the best day I will ever have (I never believed it when people used to say things like that). Then the dog made international headlines by jumping off a cliff. Then my husband emigrated.

Then deadline time was approaching, and I submerged myself in reading, writing and panicking about having bitten off a lot more than I could chew, in the circumstances. I turned 30 the day after my thesis was handed in.

So, now that I’ve surfaced again, drawn in a few breaths, looked around and realised that the only thing different after all of that, really, is me… what next? It’s a little late for new years’ resolutions. But mine are:

– Read (I’ve just read Lisa McInerney‘s debut novel The Glorious Heresies. It’s stunning. There will be a review here, soon)

– Sing (thanks to Michelle, who brought me for karaoke on my birthday, and accusingly said to me halfway through “You can sing! People who can sing ALWAYS RUIN KARAOKE”)

– Write (I miss writing. I’ll be writing a bit more here about books, travel and theatre, I hope, but I’ll also be back to more regular op/ed pieces in The Herald and features and op/ed wherever else will have me!)

– Learn a bit more about my new industry  (I found Hearsay 2014 really inspirational and want to learn to make audio this year. Advice is welcome!)

What’s your plan for 2015?



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