Food and old-fashioned dirty tricks

This week we’ve had some interesting food stories on the show.

Yesterday, we revealed that Lidl products are being sold at a mark-up in the famous English Market. The reaction from listeners has been interesting – from ‘who cares’ to shock, horror. You can listen to the item here. The story was followed up in today’s Irish Times and Irish Examiner.

And today, PJ spoke to artisan food producers whose brandnames are being used in the menus of restaurants and hotels they don’t stock.

Mark Cribben from Ballyhoura Mushrooms told him they had appeared on the menu of the newly reopened Kingsley Hotel, which has never bought mushrooms from them, and also told me that they previously appeared on the menu of Bobby Kerr’s Bang! restaurant in Dublin. When I asked Bobby about it this morning off-air he wasn’t aware of an issue. But according to Mark this is a widespread problem and they are just one producer of many affected by this. You can listen to the item here.

The two stories together raise issues about how much we know about what we’re eating. But, as a few listeners said to us – price is price. Is that the point here? Do we care where it comes from if it’s cheap? Let me know what you think…

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