Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths 29 (Photo credit: GabboT) Woody Harrelson by David Shankbone (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I went to see Martin McDonagh's latest, Seven Psychopaths, last night, as part of the Corona Cork Film Festival. I'm a huge McDonagh fan, having seen his Leenane trilogy more than once and In Bruges at least three [...]

Glorious food and a recession-free weekend

Driving into Dingle on Saturday Driving into Dingle on Saturday afternoon presented a sight to gladden the heart. The view on the drive is always a pleasure, but the exceptionally beautiful weather and an enormous, buzzing crowd roaming the streets made the food festival truly special. Having travelled from Cork after a busy week, [...]

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Eye spy: A laser eye surgery diary

I’ve had glasses since I was four. Big, plastic, pink frames chosen with a squeal of excitement from a tray of similar Barbie-shaded monstrosities. School photos show big plastic pink frames; an eyepatch; a squinty grin with glasses removed; and later a more serious navy wire pair with owlish round lenses. Contact lenses were [...]

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