Books, books and more books

I got lots of reading in during maternity leave, thanks to a lot of night feeds and discovering how useful a backlit iPad is as a Kindle!

And I’m looking forward to meeting some authors (and you, I hope!) at exciting events over the next few months.

Next month I’m at the West Cork Literary Festival where I’ll be interviewing:


In October, I’m looking forward to the Waterford Writers’ Weekend, where I’ll be interviewing :

  • Jan Carson
  • Wendy Erskine
  • Shannon Yii

They have all contributed to the anthology Belfast Stories published by Doire Press. I’ve just started reading this and it’s wonderful. Whimsical and dark and so varied. I want to go to Belfast now to see how it colours my perspective. Also, where is the Cork edition please?!

One City, One Book 

I’ve also just been asked to host an event for the One City, One Book programme for Cork this year and I am super excited.  The books featured in previous years are  Frank O’Connor’s An Only Child, Billy O’Callaghan’s The thing you lose the things you leave behind and Gold boy emerald girl by Yiyun Li, and this year’s choice is fantastic. It’s a thriller but it’s also a bit of a love letter to Cork.



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