A massive response (from women, it seems!)


Thank you so much to each and every one of you (shout out to the one man – one!) who responded to my post in relation to kids in direct provision. Quite a few people have expressed an interest in learning more about direct provision, here is a really good link that explains what it is and how it works (or doesn’t), and more importantly, what it’s like to live in it.

There are a lot of problems in Irish society but this one seems to me particularly shameful, because there is no reason for it to continue except lack of political will and the fine fat profit being made by companies who are paid by our taxes to warehouse vulnerable people who would, much rather be living a normal life and contributing to society.

If you still want to help but you’re in Dublin, the Jesuit Refugee Service have a Christmas toy drive for kids in DP, you can find out more at Jrs.ie.

Below is the completed list, I’ve just put in initials as I know some of you are very shy, please just check the list and let me know if I’ve put you down for the wrong thing etc! If I have {DL} after your initials, it means you’ve agreed to send stuff direct to Doras Luimní, which makes my life easier so thank you!

I will be in Cork tomorrow (Saturday) morning and again on Tuesday afternoon and can collect stuff from people then, I can come down again if required. Also thanks to Eileen at Cork Vision Centre at St Peter’s on North Main Street, who has kindly agreed to be a drop-off point if those times don’t suit people! I’m hoping to get everything sorted by next Friday so please bear with me!

If you would still like to help – and there are hundreds of adults, young men in particular who won’t receive anything from anyone else – Doras Luimni have suggested mobile phone credit (3 and Lyca mobile), vouchers for shops in Limerick (I would suggest in €10 or €15 amounts so more people can avail of them, rather than bigger ones that would have to be split, for shops like Dunnes, Penneys, Elverys, Lifestyle), etc.

Other than specifics, people have also very kindly offered:


Board games, sweets – AB {DL}, SG

Cash & vouchers: SK, SM, MNGB, JC. If you want to donate cash and don’t know me personally I’d suggest sending it direct to Doras Luimni.

Thank you for helping bring some little bit of Christmas to people far from home, living in really difficult conditions. Hopefully for most of them it will be their last Christmas in Knockalisheen and their cases will be resolved soon.




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