Win! Dinner for two at Holy Smoke

Meat, glorious meat seems to be the latest food craze in the Cork restaurant scene. A number of BBQ and burger joints have popped up around the city in the past year, and they’re just the ticket for date night, provided you don’t mind being seen scarfing your dinner at a rate of knots by your intended!

Holy Smoke’s Joe Relihan used to be chief pitmaster at Jamie Oliver’s Barbacoa Restaurant, so the guy clearly knows what he’s doing.

I was at Holy Smoke recently and, although I’m not the world’s greatest meat-eater, I really liked the offering. Casual, tasty, super calorific (face it – what’s the point in going out for dinner if you don’t indulge yourself), with really excellent sides, drinks pairings and desserts. That roasted butternut squash side was absolutely delicious, and don’t get me started on the baked vanilla cheesecake…

The lovely people at Holy Smoke have given me a dinner invite for two to check out their wares for yourself. To enter:

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– Answer the question below!


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