“It’s a disgrace”… or is it?

We had a call on the show today from Anne, who wanted to discuss emigration.

Earlier on in the show, Jerry had been speaking to myself and PJ about the same topic. He maintained that emigrants should vote on Twitter and Facebook, because if they voted for Sinn Féin, SF would create a country they would want to return to.

I pointed out that not all emigrants are abroad because of the economy, unemployment, etc. Many of my friends who live abroad do so because they work at jobs no small country could support, with lifestyles and incomes that far exceed what they could ever get in Ireland. That isn’t a criticism of Ireland, by the way. Those I have in mind work in London, a capital of world finance. Others live elsewhere for better weather, because the love of their life is there, or simply because they just prefer it.

While there are economic migrants still scattered all over the world from Ireland, I don’t think this election could possibly change all the factors they need changed to facilitate their return.

When Anne called though, the conversation took a new turn. Anne’s daughter spent seven years in college studying fine art, and left because she couldn’t get a job in her field. She teaches at a third level institution in London now.

Anne thinks this is a disgrace.

Your thoughts, please? Is Anne’s daughter entitled to expect employment in her field in Ireland, no matter how niche? Or is that practical?


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