Lunch al desko: Chickpea, chorizo and roasted vegetable salad

I had intended to make a series of ‘lunch al desko’ posts, so here’s a second one… hopefully of many! This serves two so you can get two days from it or get brownie points by feeding your significant other! It’s packed full of protein and very tasty but does have a bit of bold chorizo in it. Sure, you only live once.

Chickpea, chorizo and roasted vegetable salad.
Chickpea, chorizo and roasted vegetable salad.

Chickpea, chorizo and roasted vegetable salad*

What’s in it:

Four inches chorizo sausage
Half an aubergine
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Tin of chickpeas
1/4 red onion
Sprig of mint
Sprig of parsley
Salt and pepper to taste
Teaspoon olive oil / spray of cooking oil

Make it:
– Preheat the oven to 200c.
– Slice your aubergine into 1cm slices and sprinkle with salt.
– Chop red onion and mint finely.
– Slice chorizo into 1cm thick slices and quarter these.
– Cut aubergine into 1cm pieces, squeeze out excess water with clean teatowel.
– Oil a baking tin and place tomatoes and aubergine in the oven for about 15 minutes – keep an eye on them!
– Dry fry the chorizo until the fat renders, then toss the chickpeas in the oil.
– Remove the veg from the oven, let all warm ingredients cool, then add the herbs and red onion.

You can make loads of changes to this – couscous could fill it out a bit, some lemon zest grated over it would work likewise some sprinkled cumin, also some lemon-massaged kale would be good in there. Experiment!

*I am calling it a salad because it’s cold. Not because it’s full of leaves, or particularly healthy… sure it’s healthy-ish. Ish.


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