Disappeared without trace… the Hyde family remembers National Missing Persons day

Today is National Missing Persons Day.

Only once in my life have I taken part in a missing persons search and I will never, ever, forget it. An in-law of my husband, the lady in question was in severe mental distress, and as we scoured the rocky coastline of West Clare, we knew what had happened, and dreaded what we would find if the sea yielded her body.

I’m glad I wasn’t there to find her remains. I often think about those who were, and those who do this ghastly task every single day to help families in distress put together the last moments of their loved ones.

There is something worse, though.

On the show today I spoke to Rom Hyde, a Corkman whose brother disappeared without trace in March 1981. Peter Hyde left his house one morning, got into his car, drove away, and has never been heard from since.

Rom told me he knows his brother wouldn’t have taken his own life. Apologising for saying something so politically incorrect, he said “he wouldn’t have had the guts” to do it.

Their parents died never knowing what happened to Peter. He’s been gone longer than he was with his family and friends in Cork.

They’ve had sightings of him in the UK and in Australia, but nothing was ever verified.

What makes someone disappear? How could you do it to your family and friends? What must it feel like to be left behind?

Listen back at the link below.



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