On a day like this

On a day like this, when there is so much grief, pain, sorrow and loss in the world, the only response is to be the light.

To love and be loved, and raise your children to be the good, to make the light that outshines the dark, to hope that in some way we can make enough good people to outnumber the bad ones.

To work so hard to change so little, the little that might tip the balance, that might make the world a beautiful, sparkling place for one more person; one less person for whom it will be a cold and fearful horror.

To be the change you want to see means to say you are not going to live a life of fear, but one of love and courage and hope that for every sorrow and pain, there will be a ray of light.

In January I will go to Cambodia to visit Anita’s Orphanage, which is completely funded by a small committee in St Luke’s in Cork. This morning, I spoke to Momo, the orphanage founder, who told me their first kid is going to university in Korea on a scholarship.

He’s just person in the world, but the love of people far away has made a world of difference to him.

There’s nothing most of us can do about the horror unfolding in Paris, or Beirut, or Burundi. But we can try to be the light, somewhere, for somebody.

An artist exhibiting at Henchys in aid of Anita’s Orphanage. Photo: Rory Coomey.

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