audio Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden

Dan rang the Opinion Line today, to complain about women taking up men’s space on golf courses at weekends.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about this, you should just listen back, really. I did my best to restrain myself. Fair and balanced broadcasting, and that.


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  1. Deirdre, it’s a bit ironic that these comments re lady golfers were made the same week that we in Castleisland Golf Club launched our new course layout for “Taster ladies”. First of all I better explain the term “Taster ladies”. Last year the governing bodies of golf, the G.U.I. and the I.L.G.U. finally decided to do something about the falling rates of membership (estimated at 85,000 this last couple of years) in most golf clubs. They started a campaign called “Taster golf” aimed at bringing new recruits both male and female into the game. Beginners were invited along to participating clubs and a series of lessons and information evenings were organised to introduce them to the game. 40 ladies turned up for our taster sessions and members from both the ladies and mens club were there to assist. The ladies enjoyed it so much that 30 of them joined the club and are playing regular golf since. The main difficulty they have is that golf is a difficult game to master. As the ladies course is a pretty demanding one we decided to create new teeing areas to suit their ability and make it more enjoyable for them. Most of these ladies have just retired and are looking for an outdoor pursuit after having been stuck inside classrooms or hospital wards for 40 years. They love the social side to the game, the coffee and fresh scones beforehand and Aidan’s famous omlettes afterwards and we hope that by making the course easier that they will eventually enjoy the golf as much. From talking to them they are beginning to realize that the golf is secondary and that it is much more about the craic and the banter something which Castleisland Golf Club is famous for. Any beginner ladies out there that want to try out this new course call out and sample a welcome at the opposite end of the spectrum to the antiquated views expressed on your show.
    Pat Ruane, Greens committee, Castleisland Golf Club.

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