Cork GAA and the Confederate flag


This is an interesting one. Cork GAA fans are up in arms about being asked not to bring the Confederate flag to matches due to its recent association with a racist attack on a church in the US. We had Cork-based singer-songwriter Karen Underwood on the show to talk about it last week ( covered this and Joe Leogue of the Examiner followed up on Saturday). As a black American, Karen explained what the flag means to her, and she was powerful. What I can’t understand is why so many people, to whom it means nothing, are so attached to it?

If, as they say, the flag has a different meaning here, then what is it? ‘Just another red and white flag’ doesn’t cut it, because for one thing, it’s red white and navy, and for another, there are plenty of other combinations of red and white with no racist connotations.

They say it’s in relation to the rebellion of the South and Cork’s rebellious past… but this argument in effect vindicates Karen, because it directly associates it with slave-owning southerners. Answers on a postcard…




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