Just do it, like… Jack Crotty, The Rocket Man

This is great! Nice positive story and a great business.


So Jack, tell us a little about your business…

The Rocket Man is street food company that does farmer’s markets, events, and has just opened its first shop on Princes St in Cork City. I believe a healthy balanced diet should consist of tasty ingredients and plenty of them. For too long we have watched people suffer under the physical strain of dieting. It’s time to satisfy those cravings and no better way than with our range of salads, stews, pulses and seeds. 

What inspired you to start your own business? 

As soon as I hit college I discovered the ‘awesomeness’ of fast food. I came from a home of respect of real food and it wasn’t long before my body started fighting back. It was a harsh awakening but I quickly realised fast food meant bad food! I thought, why should convenience mean compromise?

I always wanted my own…

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