You can’t make an omelette…


A few weeks ago on RTE Today we covered the gendered division of toys in The F Word slot by reference to new blue and pink kinder eggs which had been released by Kinder. After broadcast, we got this response:

“Kinder Surprise is the number one chocolate treat for kids in the UK, and we are always looking for innovative ideas to satisfy the needs of parents. Our new Pink and Blue limited edition Kinder Surprise eggs offer parents a wider range of new and exciting toys for their child that spark the imagination alongside a much loved chocolate treat.

“We recognise that pink and blue are often associated with girls and boys and it is important to us that we don’t advocate or promote Kinder Pink and Blue as a gender specific product. Instead, Kinder Surprise Pink and Blue offers a range of interesting new toys in coloured eggs which help parents navigate the toy ranges on offer and make purchasing decisions based on what is most relevant for their child, as an individual.

“Research that we undertook prior to launch indicated that parents welcome this promotion, with 66% of parents saying it was a good idea to have two separate ranges of toys. In addition, 66% of parents agreed that having a pink and blue Kinder Surprise egg made it easier for them to choose which treat to buy for their child.”


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