Peter Mathews might be ‘pro-life’ but that doesn’t mean he values yours

TV3 News
TV3 News (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I missed Vincent Browne last night and now I’m really, really happy about that.

For the last three hours, I have been sitting here, trying to work, with my blood boiling, after reading his views on life and death as discussed on TV3 last night. Thanks to the good people at, you can read the transcript here.

Men went down the mines, ladies, so that means you don’t get any autonomy over your own bodies.

He completely failed to answer when asked would his views change if his own daughter was involved. Quelle surprise!

As a banker, I’m pretty sure he’s never been down a mine. As a man, I’m pretty sure he’s never been faced with a crisis pregnancy, suicidal ideation, or any danger to his life caused by pregnancy. It’s a fair assumption, I think.

Some of you might be constituents of Peter Mathews. I’m calling him Peter Mathews repeatedly, because I actually don’t know what else to call him. And because I’m a professional journalist and I’d prefer not to tarnish my blog with the words I’d prefer to use.

Anyway, if you are a constituent of Peter Mathews, this represents you. His Oireachtas email address is and his phone number is 01-6184443.


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