Fight for your life

Excellent piece here from my colleague Marie Madden of the Galway Independent who reported at the Savita Halappanavar inquest.



As a journalist, I am well used to the fleeting attention of the average newsreader, with stories that warrant a front page splash on a Monday rendered ‘old news’ just days later.

However, I have been particularly struck by the drastic lapse in urgency in relation to the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar at University Hospital Galway last year and the need for clarification on some of the issues that may have contributed to her death.

Over the past fortnight, I have been at the coalface of this disturbing case, reporting on the seven-day inquest into the 31-year-old dentist’s death. While certain members of the pro-choice and pro-life campaigns have used portions of the evidence as a topical football to highlight their cause, one conclusion cannot be disputed; Savita would still be alive and well today if medical intervention in terms of her pregnancy had taken place earlier in her…

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