Yesterday I was on RTÉ’s Today Show, talking about World Autism Day, and on Sunday I’ll be chairing Cork Autism Association’s conference. It’s not something I know an awful lot about, and I have limited personal experience with it, but this blog by a boy with Asperger’s is an excellent explanation of how he sees the world.


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  • when i was really young i didn’t understand other children and i hated big crowds like family events or football matches.
  • mum explained to me that i was wired differently, that it wasn’t a bad thing, She said that i could just do things differently but i would still get everything done. And that was called Aspergers!
  • i learned to enjoy my Aspergers.
  • when people call ASD an autistic spectrum disorder…or a disability, i don’t like it . I call it a difference and it doesn’t make me any less capable to do anything.
  • Aspergers lets me look at things from a totally different perspective – i can think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.
  • it makes the world kinda complicated and you have to keep figuring other people out…
    • when people say similes i don’t quite get them
    • i didn’t used to get sarcasm – i had to ask was that it?
    • when teachers say…

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