TV & Tweeting

Gail as she appeared in 1978.
Gail as she appeared in 1978. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a chat with Dave Fanning and Declan Cashin on Saturday about watching TV while Tweeting; my friends came up with various words for this including Tveeting, Twatching, and a range of other rude words that I couldn’t possibly write here.

Whatever you want to call it, Tweeting along to TV has to be one of the great pleasures of modern life.

In my experience there are two genres of show that do best on Twitter – reality TV, of whatever nature, and soaps. Oh, and the Late Late Show. But that’s a completely separate phenomenon.

People who normally would cross the street to avoid each other can bond over Rita’s latest hairdo or the general annoyingness of Gail Platt while tweeting about Corrie, while the misery of Eastenders should only be dealt with in the company of a support group, preferably one on Twitter, where they can’t see you crying into your tea. Eastenders is like that. There are a number of soap characters who have their own twitter accounts – some fake, some not – with the entire Fair City cast having off screen relationships and fights on Twitter. Mainly fights – those ones are definitely spoofs.

Reality TV though, is where you can really plumb the depths of your fellow tweeters’ intellects. Well. Maybe not their intellects. Definitely their sarcasm. My personal favourite is Room to Improve – if you don’t use Twitter, this show is hair-pullingly frustrating. If you do, it’s hilarity from beginning to end. The best bit is when someone you know on twitter has the back story to how the obnoxious couple actually hate each other and both live with their mothers and are only doing it to get on TV. Well, you get the drift.

It’s particularly of interest to me at the moment as I’ve just made a resolution not to watch TV I don’t want to watch. I know that’s not exactly ground-breaking but it really changes my routine. I’ve given up my soap habit (although I’m following the Corrie hashtag on Twitter on the relevant nights so I still know what’s going on) and, four years after the rest of the world, am now halfway through Wallander. I’m about three weeks in and so far I’ve watched a couple of films and a few episodes of Wallander. I’m sleeping better and I’ve even managed to read a few books!

Might be the last time I do a piece about TV though. So have a listen here.



  1. TV-tweeting is a transparent and unobjectionable enough term for it, I think. Tveeting is phonetically ambiguous; twatching sounds vaguely rude and twitchy. But I’m not much of a TV-tweeter, so take all that for what it’s worth!

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