Child benefit cuts, Minister Frances Fitzgerald, and why I love Revenge

Had a great time on RTÉ Today, yesterday, (I know that’s confusing, keep up!) with Vicki Maye, Declan Jordan, Pat Fitzpatrick, Liam Croke, Daithí Ó Sé, Maura Derrane and Lucy Hyland.

Minister Frances Fitzgerald came on to discuss her ideas for child  benefit; my main concern is that the cuts won’t be matched by investment in childcare or other service provision, but fall into a hole as the €35m ‘ringfenced’ for mental health did just before Christmas.  I asked her about that.

On a less serious note, we also discussed TV including the series Revenge, which I love because it reminds me of Sunset Beach. Thanks to the lads at, here’s a reminder of the amazingness of Sunset Beach.

And a reminder:

But enough of Sunset Beach! You can watch the full broadcast of RTÉ Today here.


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